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Owning real estate property is still an excellent investment! Certainly when it delivers a good profit and the quality of the property can be guaranteed.
Kempen O.G. realizes this very well and is eager to be your partner in reaching your goals in this matter.

When you don't want to be involved or troubled with the management and renting activities, nor the problems going along with your real estate property, Kempen O.G. is gladly willing to take care of this on your behalf. It is of great importance to us, to keep your property in an optimal condition.
We are doing so for almost 20 years, as well as for private persons as for professional investors.

Real estate management means to us, that we will be your mouthpiece and intermediator regarding your properties, in all aspects.

For example, we select the right tenant for your soft- or fully furnished accommodation.
Furthermore, all objects will be completely inspected by us, this at the beginning as well as at the conclusion/termination of the "rental contract". In the latter case also in the presence of the tenant(s)!
Also before a new tenant can make use of his or hers newly home, all stated defects and/or shortcomings must and will be solved. If desired our agency can arrange this in an excellent way for you.
Notices of tenants regarding maintenance and failures will be quickly responded to and solved in a competent and skilled way. We do this in consultation with you (when necessary) and, when applicable, under direct management of ourselves.

In other words you may expect:

  • Professional intermediary in the selection of a suitable tenant for your real estate property.
  • Complete management and control of your real estate, regarding the collection of the due rent, payment of costs of living, dealing with complaints, problems and failures, draw up the "inspection report", delivery of the rented property at departure, etc...
  • Clear agreements as well as at the start of a rental period as at the conclusion of it.
  • You may also expect qualified people with years of experience, with good judgment of the international character of the region and ... with a great feeling for service.
  • The information of your real estate can be placed on the national website of pararius.
    You can have a look at:

And yes, we gladly will take care of your property, on your behalf.