Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer
Geldropseweg 448

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Our working method

First of all, we invite you to make an appointment in order to get more information regarding all possibilities for renting a house, the availability of a particular residency, the prices and conditions.

If you call in our agency for your request for adequate completely furnished or soft-furnished accommodation, whether it is for yourself, a colleague or your employee(s), you may expect the following from us:

  • On basis of your wishes, needs and (family) situation we make a selection out of the total offer. (You will find our offer under the button 'OFFER', often with extensive information and photographs).
  • In consultation with you we will see which residencies can be of interest for you. Location, price-range and availability will be discussed.
  • Next, our agency will make an appointment, so that you together with one of our enthusiastic staffmembers, can visit the residence(s) you made a choice for.

Because it is not solely important that you have a pleasant home to live in, we also want to establish a perfect housing environment together with you, e.g.:

  • Do you want to live in the city or do you like the countryside better?
  • Is your working place in good reach?
  • Is the availability of schools or sporting facilities of importance to you?
  • And so on ...?

Whenever you have made a choice for a suitable house and a nice environment, we provide for you a so called "tenants agreement", in which we agree about the renting period, and the renting price of the residence of your choice. Along with this we discuss which additional information is needed regarding yourself, your employee(s) or your company.

Further, our agency provides a correct "renting contract". In case of furnished housing we also add an "inventory list", so you can check whether your new home is in good order.
Also in this contract we will consider your personal situation, and we can add a so called "diplomatic clause".
As part of this contract, we always create an internal "inspection report" of your residence, this in order to guarantee the quality of your residence. This is in your interest and that of the owner.

An overview of the services our agency offers:

  • The selection of suitable residences out of our total offer, according to your wishes.
  • Planning and organizing visits to residences of your choice.
  • Provision and conclusion of the "renting contract", this on behalf of the landlord.
  • Provision of the "inspection report".
  • In occurring situations we assist in the transfer of responsibilities regarding the supply of gas, water and electricity and when relevant the telephone facilities.
  • Administration and invoicing to you or your company of the rent due, the public facilities and telephone costs etc., if any.
  • Dealing with any complaints or problems.
  • Checking and inspecting the residence on your departure.
  • Creation of the final account, in order to return the deposit.

In this, we like to regard ourselves as your partner, in order to make your stay and life here as nice as possible. Nevertheless problems can arise which need immediate attention or maybe you want support regarding domestic affairs.
Therefore we do business with people and companies, that offer services with the highest quality and reliability, this with very competitive and affordable prices. Services such as cleaning, maintenance, fiscal affairs, insurance and so on.

We are sure you will find yourself at home away from home!