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Task to management


1. Lessor/principal attaches him/herself in transferring the management of the above mentioned real estate property exclusively to Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v..

2. Lessor attaches him/herself to have Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. taken care of the management, during the duration of the rental agreement (see art. 5, ad. 1). 

3. At all times Lessor/principal has the right to cancel the commission for property management. In case the aforementioned property is still in rented state, a three (3) calendar month's notice is required; in other cases a one (1) calendar month's notice is required. Principal is then due in carrying all management costs made by 
Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. regarding the aforementioned property, provided that Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. can prove record of it. Cancellation of this contract is only possible in writing and sends with registered mail.

4. In behalf of the management, principal is indebted a fee in conformity with the Dutch price policy named "Makelaarswerkzaamheden ter zake van Onroerend Goed", as published by the Dutch state ministry of Economic Affairs and as such registrated in the State Courant, this added with the legal VAT. The fee will be 8% of the total yearly rental sum. These costs will be charged at the start of the first rental period and has to be paid in advance.

5. What is meant with the "commission to manage real estate property for rent", is a mandate to Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. in order to render the following services regarding the aforementioned property:

  • Provide for, and on behalf of the principal, conclude the "rental contract".
  • Administrate, invoice and collect the rent.
  • Transferase of the rent to principals account.
  • Checking and payment of the costs, rates and taxes regarding the property.
  • Lead about a correct registration and/or de-registration at utility companies. Lessor/principal authorize Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. for arranging delivery contracts of energy, radio and television connection and telephone.
  • Performing activities related to the yearly change of the rental prices, when appropriate.
  • Dealing with and judging any complaints or problems regarding the property.
  • Carry out repair actions, on behalf of the principal, for which principal authorizes Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. to the amount of €. 150,--, in those situations that consultation and/or postponement/delay is not possible nor desirable.
  • Checking and inspecting the residence on tenants departure.
  • Collecting and returning of bank guarantee or security deposit of the tenant.
  • Advising in situations of simple nature.
  • Possible other services agreed for.

6. Services which exceeds those as described in article 4., or which exceeds common business in terms of extra demand in time, attention or effort, or which are being affected by changes in governmental policies, can and sometimes will be charged to the principal, whenever reasonable.
Such services are for example:

  • Attending and/or conducting long-standing procedures in case of collection of debts.
  • Preparation of, attending and manage/control the renovation, upgrading, rebuilding or other vast maintenance activities.

7. Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. will do everything possible, in order to avoid vacancy between two consecutive rental periods, however they never can be claimed to be responsible for vacancy, if any.

8. Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer b.v. will do everything possible, in order to have the house returned at the end of the rental agreement in a correct state, however they never van be claimed to be responsible for damage, if any.