Kempen O.G. Vastgoedbeheer
Geldropseweg 448

Tel: +31 (0)40-2 364 364

The team

Today the team of our agency consists enthusiastic employees, specially named Evelien Smits and Miriam van de Vijfeijken- van Gils.

Besides them we are supported by several people regarding: cleaning activities, maintenance and repair, but also in the area of automation, accountancy, administration and other services.
Whenever we can't solve a problem or else, we surely know somebody who can.
Our personal effort and commitment will guarantee this.

We all have our own specialism, however we all know what is going on in our business. All agreements, contacts, questions and situations are registrated in our automated information system. Because of this, our information is always up-to-date in order to be of optimal service to you.

Whenever and for what reason you transfer abroad for a shorter or longer period? ...
We are available and ready in order to let your house or apartment, small or big!
Whenever you or your (foreign) colleague are looking for a temporary accommodation to live in? ...
We have it or we will find it for you!

We regard ourselves as a customer friendly and hospitable agency and as such we welcome you to pay a visit to our office!