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Our working method

It is of great importance to us, to keep your property in an optimal condition. For many people it is an excellent investment, or an opportunity during your stay abroad, or as an old-age benefit. So, your real estate has to stay that way and we will act conform.

We therefore gladly invite you for an orientating discussion about the possibilities we can offer to you. We will supply you with all information regarding the potentials for letting your property, the markets development, rent assessment, possible traps, general conditions, etc...

Further, whenever you want to call in our agency in order to professionally manage and let your soft- or fully furnished property, you may expect the following from us:

  • In consultation with you as our principal, your real estate property will be taken into our portfolio.
  • Via our web-site, our extensive network of contacts with companies and businesses throughout the region of Eindhoven and by active acquisition, the potential tenants will be informed/selected.
  • Together with one of our enthusiastic employees, your property will be visited by the potential candidate/future tenant.
  • We take care for the so-called "rental statement", which states that the candidate agrees with the obliged rental period, the rent due for the chosen house and that he or she complies to the "general conditions" (in some cases with specific additional terms). Then we conclude with you, as the landlord, the agreement called "management mandate".
  • Finally our agency will conduct the official "rental contract".
    As part of this "rental contract", the "inspection report" of the house will be supplied and in case of furnished rent the "inventory list" will be added.
    In all cases the "rental contract" will be specific for your house and situation, like:
    • Whether you leave the country for reasons of business or otherwise, we take into account your expected and possibly your unexpected return.
    • Is your house part of an apartment building, we may add clauses in behalf of the V.V.E. (management) of the building.
    • Is the object part of your investment portfolio, we lay stress on continuity in letting it for a longer time.

Our agency will always act as your intermediary and mouthpiece regarding your property.

Below you may find an overview of services we render to you during the management of your property.

  • Selection and 'screening' of the candidate.
  • Provision, and on behalf of you, conclude the "rental contract".
  • Create "inspection reports" of your property.
  • In occurring situations we assist in the transfer of responsibilities regarding the supply of gas, water and electricity and when relevant the telephone facilities.
  • Administration, invoicing and collection of the rent.
  • Transference of the rent to your account.
  • Checking, payment of and invoicing the costs, rates and taxes regarding your property.
  • Dealing with any complaints or problems.
  • Call your attention for possible (main) maintenance.
  • Call in our collection agency (in case of back-rent).
  • Support and control possible juridical procedures regarding your property.
  • Checking and inspecting the residence on tenants departure.

Please note!, that our quality and professionalism in service, activities and organization can't be put online. You will experience this or will be informed so during a visit to our office, for which we gladly invite and welcome you!

In all this, we like to regard ourselves as your partner, in managing your investment.
Therefore we do business with people and companies, that offer services with the highest quality and reliability, this with very competitive and affordable prices. Services such as cleaning, maintenance, renovation, fiscal affairs, furnishing, insurance and so on.

We make sure you made the best decision in choosing Kempen O.G. as your partner!